Freight car serviceZhytomyr Iveco-service is the authorized service station for IVECO vehicles
We also provide warranty and after-sales service for the vehicles of other brands: FORD, MAN, DAF,  VOLVO, RENAULT, SCANIA, MERSEDES и т.д.
With the help of modern equipment, qualified specialists carry out:
– running gear repairs;
– engine overhaul;
– laser diagnosis of convergence;
– computer diagnostics of electrical equipment;
– diagnostics of pneumatic systems;
– full tachograph service;
– full tire complex;
– replacement of filters and oils.
In addition, the station has a sandblasting shop, argon welding and an auto parts store with a wide selection, as well as guarded parking with video surveillance working around the clock!

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Computer diagnostics of vehicles



Our company provides a full range of computer diagnostics of trucks, tractors, semi-trailers and trailers. All diagnostics of truck units, their electrical and electronic systems is performed on the licensed equipment of the best world manufacturers. To order computer diagnostics of a truck, it is enough to contact our consultants in any convenient way – they will quickly select the best time for you and calculate the final cost of the service on an individual basis.

Auto electrician



Any car owner has repeatedly encountered a situation when automotive electronics needed repairs. And such problems occur even with expensive cars. Therefore, even if a minor malfunction is detected, you should immediately contact the service center. Our auto electricians have great expertise and can boast thousands of repaired cars. It is very important, as an experienced auto electrician can quickly and correctly diagnose the problem, as well as find the best way to fix it. All of the above means that our clients will save time and money

Running gear repair



The chassis is one of the most significant parts of any vehicle. It consists of bridge beams, frames, wheels and suspensions. The chassis provides not only the movement of the car, but also a certain level of comfort on the road. Connecting the wheels to the body, the chassis dampens its vibrations. To prevent these mechanisms from failing at the most critical moment, a timely diagnostics of the running gear is needed. We provide this service at our service station.

Engine repair



The service station “Dave Express” is one of the few trucks service stations in Zhytomyr that offers highly qualified and high-quality trucks engines (tractors, dump trucks and buses) overhaul of any complexity
We carry out partial refurbishment of truck engines and repairs of individual truck and bus units.

Body straightening


Fuel equipment repair



The vehicle will signal about a problem with fuel equipment. The engine will not be as powerful as before, even in mildly cold weather the engine will not start properly, you will hear various knocking while driving. It can reach the point that even a small speed acceleration will end up with the motor simply stalling.
If any of these signs appear regularly, the vehicle should urgently be brought to the service station so that our experts can figure out the problem.

Tire fitting



Given the condition and maintenance of the roads, tire fitting is now perhaps the most popular type of repair. “Dave Express” is ready to offer you a wide range of services for tire fitting, tire repair and balancing your truck wheels. Our tire fitting service is equipped with high-tech European equipment from world-class manufacturers, which allows us to achieve great results in tire mounting, tire repair and wheel balancing.

Bumper repair



Most car parts are made of plastic, for example, parts of the passenger compartment, hood, fender, panel and, of course, the bumper.
Various types of plastic are used in the manufacturing of plastic car parts. The most famous of them are fiberglass, polit-carbonate, polyurethane and polypropylene. Plastic is a rather whimsical material that requires careful handling, which can be provided by our specialists.
Technologies used in our service center to repair plastic bumper elements guarantee the perfect look of your car.

Car painting



Painting the truck cab is a complex technological process that requires the use of advanced equipment and an integrated approach. Specialized industry knowledge is necessary to properly select and apply paint coating. We use only the best types of paint and varnish materials, we select any color and shade, and we give a guarantee for the carried-out services.

Installation and replacement of auto glass



The replacement of truck windows is carried out in two ways: by fixing with a special rubber seal or with direct gluing. Replacing truck windows occurs no less than that of passenger vehicles. The most common reasons for this are: chips, cracks, loss of transparency, and accidents. Operation of a vehicle with a broken glass is strictly prohibited

Replacement of oils in a vehicle



Regular replacement of oils guarantees engine’s long life

  • Individual approach, selection of the oil according to the relevant characteristics;
  • extending engine life;
  • increasing the intervals between oils replacements;
  • increased reliability;
  • reduced maintenance costs.

Auto Parts department


Laser wheel alignment



Every time a car is repaired, adjustments should be made. Only in this case will the vehicle steer well, and tires will be protected against improper wear

Urgent auto help


Our company is ready to help you and your car, regardless of your location. Our technical road assistance in Zhytomyr and the region is an on-site service that will help to cope with a problem that arose on the road right on the spot.

In 7 out of 10 cases, the road problem can be solved on the spot without forcibly transporting a car to a service station, thus saving money on transportation by tow truck. Professional repair of your car by our team, which provides technical assistance on the road, is possible if the issue does not require special equipment, which is located only in the service station.

Towing and transportation



Transportation and towing are very sensitive matters and should not be trusted to non-specialists. This type of service needs special equipment to work with large vehicles, as well as special mounting systems for reliable fixation of this type of vehicles on the platform (carriage). We provide towing services.

Filling and repairs of the car air conditioner



If you need to have a car air conditioner refilled our service station staff can provide such maintenance. We have modern tools and high-quality consumables at our disposal, so that everything will be done at the highest level. Besides, we can also repair car air conditioners.

Semi-trailers repairs



Our company provides repairs and maintenance of Schmitz, Krone, and Schwarzmuller semi-trailers

– repair of chassis,

– brakes repair,

– maintenance of electronic components.


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