In 2001, the company Dave Express Logistic was established based on the transport company Dave Express, considering the market demand and the constant expansion of the customer base, and, as a result, the increase in the number of contracts. Now, it is a dynamically developing logistics company, employing the team of specialists with expertise in transport services market. Experienced logistics managers also provide forwarding services for the export and import of goods. Our freight forwarders include all countries in Western and Eastern Europe.

The range of services includes:

  • Door-to-door cargo delivery;
  • Transportation of complete loads;
  • Transportation of consolidated cargo;
  • Container transportation;
  • Transportation of ADR cargo;
  • Customs services;
  • Cargo insurance;

Our advantages:

  • Direct contracts with more than 200 transport companies in Ukraine;
  • Availability of CMR insurance by forwarder;
  • Constant mobile communication with drivers;
  • Over 20 years of experience in the logistics services market.

Be sure, we will always find a compromise when discussing the rate and conditions of transportation of your goods!


Awning, semi-trailer

Designed for the transport of any goods. Loading – top, side, rear. Load capacity – 20-22 tons. Capacity – 22-33 pallets. Volume – 60-96 cubic meters. Length – 13.6 m, width – 2.45 m, height – 2.65-2.75 m. Ideal for transportation of large and heavy loads, installation of various equipment, agriculture needs, construction and transportation of any other goods

Refrigerator semi-trailer

A semi-trailer with a refrigeration unit. Designed to transport perishable goods and products, as well as cargo, which transportation and storage requires compliance with a certain temperature, such as medicine or beverages. Load capacity: 12-22 tons. “European standard”: 20 tons, 82 cubic meters of usable volume, 32 pallets. Transportation by the refrigerator is 5-25% more expensive than the regular one.

Automatic coupling

Vehicle plus trailer. Advantage: fast loading and unloading, as well as large usable volume. Disadvantage: not suitable for long items transportation. Load capacity: 16-25 tons. Useful volume: 60-120 m³. Capacity: 22-33 europallets.

«Jumbo” (Yumba)

Semi-trailer with increased capacity, which is achieved by the ” Г ” -shaped floor and reduced diameter of the semi-trailer wheels. Load capacity: up to 20 tons. Useful volume: 96-110 m³. Capacity: 33 europallets.

Tank truck

Tank trucks are designed for the transport of liquid, gaseous, fine-dispersion and loose (e.g. flour, cement) cargo. In terms of their shape, tank sections are divided into three types – round, elliptical, and suitcase-shaped.

Container ship

Traditionally, container ships term refers to sea transport. But since, often, the unloading points are located far from the ports, sea containers are transported on specialized container trucks. Container trucks carry not only containers, but also loads that can be fixed on their platform

Dump trucks

An open all-metal flatbed body with a hydraulic device for automatic unloading of the transported cargo. There is a backboard mounted on the upper hinges which automatically opens when the body is tilted under the action of gravity.

Platforms and low trailers

The platform, as well as its low-bed trawl version, is a specialized vehicle for transportation of oversized and heavy cargo. They have an increased carrying capacity (up to 200 tons) and are equipped with special fastening devices

Grain carrier

It is used for road transportation of grain in Ukraine and internationally. Loading capacity: 12-22 tons.


Due to a coordinated and well-planned route, delivery of goods across Ukraine and the world is carried out as quickly as possible.


We guarantee the most careful trucking, and always deliver the cargo intact and safe.


For each specific cargo an individual scheme of road transportation is being developed. Delivery of non-standard goods is possible.